Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Space For Rent

After reading about Ollie's Big Ride in the Reader (Feb. 6, 2008 edition) yesterday(online), I decided, since I was in a tolerable mood, it wasn't sunny, and I got out of bed early enough, that I could bestir myself to take a little bike ride and pack on a few more miles for the week.

So I headed out towards the East. I needed a goal. Ollie had a goal. A cheeseburger. I set my sights somewhat lower. I decided to get that antenna picture I had promised.

The weather was perfect. I, less so. I shouldn't have worn my pretty blue jacket. I saw several other cyclists, none of them had jackets. I got a bit of a glow on.

I saw this thing lying in the bike lane at Fletcher and Navajo. I circled back to get it, or rather, to see what the heck that green thing was.

2009May16 Bike Ride 006

Well, here's a clue, let us Google it:

2009May16 Bike Ride 008

It seems to be some sort of sharpening device! It is either a knife sharpener or a garden tool sharpener. I can't tell the difference from their goofy web site. I could download the instruction sheet, but you have to give them your email address first. I think not!

What ever it is, now I've got one!

I crested the hill and zoomed down the Parkway, then doubled back along the side streets. Saw this guy, either "Dick" or "Jim", I forget which, on my dream 'bent.

2009May16 Bike Ride 001

I would put a flag or two on the back, though! Dude, they can't see you down there!

I wonder if he notice me, in his twin mirrors, taking his picture?

And finally, the goal is realized, the antenna picture!

2009May16 Bike Ride 002

The mother lode of antenna farms, a full-service ham radio station, I'm sure!

I count fourteen antennas, including the wire dipole. How many do you see?

On the way home I snuck up on the paint and body shop to take another picture of that motorcycle. No more information on just what it is, but I was a lot closer, if that counts for anything.

2009May16 Bike Ride 004

So far I gots just over 45 miles for the week.

I was going to put some thoughts here about Ollie and his goals, and people socializing while bike riding; you know, stopping and eating and talking and stuff, and examining why this is so foreign to me, but I'm too lazy.

Let us just say, I think about that stuff a lot.

----------------Un-Bicycle Stuff -------------------

Oh, and I'm reading First Lensman, by E. E. "Doc" Smith. It's very stilted, I think, but then, it was published in the ancient days (1950).

(Google some stuff here...)

I just found out that Smith authorized Willam B. Ellern to continue writing the Lensman series, and this led to the publishing of Moon Prospector in the April 1966 issue of Analog, which just happens to be first issue of Analog I ever read, and my favorite (as I remember it!) story, which led to me subscribing to Analog for a number of years. And it just happens to be the issue I've been looking to own, in my pathetic quest to reclaim my youth.

And I did not even realize it was a Lensman story.

I sure hope the website I stole the pic from didn't watermark it!

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