Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bike To Work

I rode the Raleigh Twenty to work on Thursday, but we got a ride home because of a hiking question which required a short walk in MTRP.

On Friday I rode the Raleigh Twenty both ways, to and from.  I got a Bike To Work tee shirt at the Grossmont Pit Stop.  I gave the shirt to Mrs. P. in hope that she had ridden her bike to work that day, but it turned out she did not.  Maybe it will inspire her?

Mrs. Kim took pictures of D. and Me at work, but perhaps she got a little carried away.  One or two would have sufficed!

Don't forget these only thumbnails, so click the pic to see the full image!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Ride To The Park

It's a new month.

I rode out to Northmont Park this morning, getting back around 8:00.  The distance, it was 7.3322 miles. Approximately.

I wore my Zoic Ether shorts, along with a Bike To Work 2015 t-shirt, and the blue Performance jacket that the big Swede gave me a zillion years ago.

Picture op while I was looking for a geocache. Didn't find it.  Didn't find it the last time, either.

There's the park back there.  I remember when it was marsh (a fen? a swamp? a morass?), I caught jars of tadpoles there.  They mostly died.

I found it is EXTREMELY difficult to ride the bike standing up. And before that I found that low gear (it's a three speed) is not low enough.

Also, I tested Sheldon Brown's assertion that, because of the stock headset, one cannot ride the Twenty "no hands". I found this to be true.

I checked on a couple of my geocaches along the way, all was well.

Now it is nap time!

I find it amusing that I have been using the FTP program FileZilla for quite a number of years, and only recently noticed there is a bookmark function.  Sure makes navigating to the images folder a LOT quicker!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

You Guessed It

Yup, I rode to work today.  The vehicle wouldn't start this morning, so I mentally switched gears, pumped up the rear bike tire, and rode on in, with only a short detour to the doughnut store along the way.  I was only a half an hour late. I forgot to put on the bike computer, and the clock on the bike stem needs a battery, I think.

Whilst riding along it occurred to me that maybe the vehicle wouldn't start because of the accursed fuel pump shut off switch, but when I got home this afternoon it started up just fine.  I think I may have flooded it.  Someone I know on the FB gave me an idea on how to unflood it, and him being in the automotive repair line of work I will give it a try if it happens again.

I guess I rode about 6.5 miles today.

I really really really need to put the new brake pads on the rear brake!

I got to try out my new baggy bike shorts.  They are less revealing of my incredible physique, which tends to frighten people who are weak of spirit, and there should certainly be fewer instances of the vapours as I pass by.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

2015 In Review & Today's Ride

I rode 98 miles in 2015.  That is the least amount of miles I have ridden in a year since I started keeping track in 1987.

Today I hauled Jamis down to the Otay River valley and rode it along some road with no name.  I parked where the road with no name intersects with Heritage Road, near the water park entrance.

I rode east for three-some miles, and then back again, three-some miles, for total of six point six-one miles.

I found ten geocaches along the way, and didn't find three.

I saw this interesting round-ish building.  I figured it was some sort of milking barn, for cows, you know.

I was wrong.  Here's an article I discovered, "'Round' barn gave chicks a fighting chance".  It was linked from this Otay Valley Regional Park page, which has some other very interesting articles about the area.

So here are several picture I took, with bike and without.

File size 728 KB

With bike. Taken with camera.

File size 1.1 MB

Without bike. Taken with phone.

File size 248 KB

This cache had the added obstacle of...CACTUS!

See if you can spot the cache!  The image is quite large so you can zoom in on it!

File size 1 MB
The obligatory selfie.  That is the toll road 125 bridge in the background.

File size 84 KB

While signing the log at one cache a family in a truck with quads and motorcycles stopped for directions to an easier way out, rather than the way they had come, which I think was down Johnson Canyon.  I'm a stranger here myself, but I think I was able to help them.

Afterwards I drove around to some other caches, mostly in the Skyline and Casa de Oro areas.  I found five more, for a total of fifteen for the day.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Many Miles This Year?

Not many! 

Rode the bike to work today, probably 7 miles round trip.

I was tootling up Jackson when a cyclist passed me and remarked "The bike lane is sure crowded this morning!"   I got a chuckle out of that.

I was almost home, going through a parking lot after retrieving a geocache that needed some TLC when a car came up behind me in the wrong lane, passed me (wrong direction lane, mind you) stopped at a STOP sign and made a right turn in front of me.  All without even slowing down, not to mention stopping for the stop sign.  I said some naughty words to that car.

Mechanically, the front brake work OK, but needs some adjustment.  The rear brake needs replacement.  I bought that new seat a LONG time ago but have not installed it yet. 

I gonna take that cell phone mount off, it's not working out.  Too much junk on the dash and you can't read it anyway, what with the glare.  Maybe some sort of lanyard would be the hot setup.

Bike lights worked great!

Friday, July 10, 2015


I did NOT ride the bike today, but I DID replace the front brake pads and lubed rear brake cable.  I also had to move junk around in the garage so I wouldn't impale myself.  I really need to clean that place up, it is so depressing!

Today was my visit to the oncologist, he was impressed that I road the bike to work on that special day, and I believe the woman who took blood out of my arm was similarly impressed.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well, that's a very bad pun, if even that.  I have a "sore butt" from riding this morning.

I rode in a Big Loop through Mission Gorge, Santee, and El Cajon.  Here we see the author on the Fr. J. Serra Trail looking (through the camera) at South Fortuna, and marveling that at one time he was clambering around some of them rocks up there looking for a certain geocache.

I took Prospect to avoid all the Santee/Mission Gorge Road death-hassle.  I good plan, until I found they are STILL working on Prospect over by the airport.  The detour guy let me along the construction area, on the sidewalk (radio his fellow guy down the road), which was VERY nice, but I had to be VERY careful.  But I made it.

I rode through El Cajon looking for various caches, and not finding the.  Except for this one, I found this one easily, and it was a very pretty spot, not far from the lake.  ; )

I finished up the ride by going down the main drag for a half-mile so as to add up to an additional mile by the distance I got home, and hence be EXACTLY at twenty-five miles for the day.  Except I was three-hundredths short so I rode down the block a couple of house and back.  Perfect!

The odometer reads 12,745 miles at the end of the day.  Somebody write that down.

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