Saturday, February 21, 2015

Of This, And That, And That Other Thing

I lamed out of going to Miramar for some geocaching, but I DID manage to get on the bike for a ride to El Cajon.  Why?  A geocache, of course!

It wasn't terribly hard to find, and I took this picture to post on the cache log to prove that every once in a while I actually DO ride the bike to a cache!

And, of course, on the way home I got a flat.  This was a pretty nice spot to change it at, and here you can see I have almost everything packed back up and the tube is holding air. 

I seem to have fallen short on my keeping of records for bicycling!  As best as I can remember this MAY be my first ride of 2015.  It's certainly the longest, at 15.57 miles today.

In trying to reconstruct my mileages for the last year this is what I came up with:

2014  --  214 miles total, all on Jamis. (A new low! To contrast, in 1998 I rode just a hair over 4,000 miles)

Odometer start for 1/1/2015 -- 12,667 miles.

Well, now THAT'S documented for all enternity!

In cleaning up the joint (like you could even tell!) I seemed to have disappeared the box for my bicycle lights.  The box with the charging cables inside.  I sure hope I just put it away real good and and did not toss it in a fit of straightening-up frenzy!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turn About fair play, so the bike content is here today, and so is the geocaching.

I hauled the bike out to The Ted bike path again today, but parking at the Albertson's off of Camino Del Sur.  Because there is a geocache there.  And learned that if one is going to use the phone app for geocaching, one really ought to bring the phone along on the trip.  Found the cache anyway, because I totally rock.  And it was an LPC hide.

Fortunately I had the main body of caches loaded into the GPSr, and still had the printed list from yesterday.

At the entry point to the bike path I saw one of the guys from Anywhere Bicycle Repair setting up a pit stop for cyclists, with water and bananas.  A whole LOT of bananas! I talked to him for minute, and remembered they helped me out at the Bike To Work Prolog way back in 2010.  I would recommend them, and remember, they come to you!  And they also have a repair shop.

I didn't take a banana, because remember, the doc said I need to LOWER my potassium.  Instead I headed west on the path and found seven caches.  Then I turned around and retraced my ride, finding the pen I dropped at one of caches, thank goodness, as it is the last of my gel pens.

And when I got back to the vehicle I drove home.

I rode about 5.5 miles today, and found eight geocaches, which should put me at 2,980 "career" finds.

That's it for now!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Content Diverted

I rode the bike today on a geocaching expedition, but I posted it on the other blog.  Follow the link there if you dare.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thursday Evening

Rode the bike two days this week, Wednesday AND Thursday.  Or maybe it was Tuesday and Thursday.  Can't remember, except I'm PRETTY sure today (Thursday?) was one of them.

Really got to oil that chain, and put on new brake shoes.

Probably will drive tomorrow, got a couple of errands to attend to.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Rode the bike to work today.  That makes two days this week!  Three if you count Sunday, and my calendar does!!

Not much mileage, but it is better than not riding at all, says I.

The NiteRider Mako headlight with its seizure-inducing strobe is at least as bright as the Malibu halogen 25 watt lamp I've been using for many years, although I'm sure the battery life of my five-pound gell cell was a bit longer.

I'm not sure what the tailight blinkie is doing, it sure isn't strobing the whole street around me like the Radio Shack green/yellow strobe did, but then the Mako headlight is strobing reflective street signs a football (American) field's length away!

That is all I got for today!

Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Monday

I rode to work today, I think it was the first time since May or June.  Everything went well, and the Mako headlight blinked its fit-inducing strobe furiously. 

So much for that sentence.

I also rode home, curiously enough.

Tomorrow I must drive, as I have to get shot in the afternoon.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Little Oot And Aboot

It's pretty cool and overcast so I went for a little bike ride (7.14) miles on Jamis this morning, up to Fletcher Hills and back.  Nothing much of consequence occurred, looked for some geocaches but did not find them, checked my Costco and Drive-In caches, they look OK, although the Costco one is gonna need some new camo soon.  I check on the other guy's cache at Sharp, the one he replaced the other day.  Didn't find it at first, as he moved it to another spot.  Sneaky!  Do I get credit for a new find since it is moved?  No, I do not.

The odometer today was at 12,610 miles at the end of the ride.  Just for the record.

Here's a link to the short'n'crummy little loco movie I uploaded to YouTube to show someone what I am spending my riches on.  If you are following the other blog (And you really should, you know!) you may have already seen this.

That is all I have for today!

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