Sunday, July 20, 2014

Short Sunday

The weather is cloudy in the morning, and it is not too warm yet, but the humidity is not low.  A big warm-up is coming in the next few days, it may hit the "triple digits" in the inland valleys.  Which means the mid-to-high 90s here. Fahrenheit. Which I can NOT spell, for the life of me.

I went for a ten mile bicycle ride this morning, around the High Gross Mont and back.  Absolutely nothing of interest to report, except that the aroma of baking from the Flower Power Cakery was very enticing.  Too bad they are not open on Sunday.

My blood sugar tests were very satisfactory today, I don't know what was up with yesterday.

The incredibly irksome thumb shifter for the front derailleur is ready to be subject to an act of violence.  It takes TWO hands to push the lever.  It shifts fine, it just seems to be fighting the spring.  The trigger function works fine. And the thumb shifter for the rear derailleur is perfectly no problem.


Friday, July 04, 2014

The 4th Of July

I went for a ten mile bike ride, to work of all places.  It is still there. Closed, of course, it is summertime! Big construction fence around it, cement all torn up.

Part of the course was a mile along the lake.  Big signs remind cyclists not to go over ten miles an hour. It's the law!  And I agree, there are WAY too many pedestrians on the rode.  And on the other hand, it's irritating, too.

Odometer reading today is:  12,547 miles

I remember when I had more miles on the bike than the vehicle, now the vehicle has about twice as many miles.  But they are both almost ten years old.  Time flies!

Speaking of, mailed in the vehicle registration fee for next year.  I am so proud. Someone remind me to stick the sticker on the vehicle when it comes!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ten Mile Saturday

I got up early (after waking up at 4 AM, finding that I fell asleep without turning off the light, drinking my tea, and brushing my teeth last night.) and went for a bike ride to various geocaches in the area.  I didn't find one in a rosemary bush, then I headed over to Lemon Grove to find the final and sign the log for a multi-cache I did back in September, but never completed.  Did that, then rode down Massachusetts to one I didn't find, then further along to one that I didn't find before, but I found this time. W00t, says I!  Then I headed across L.G. to one I thought I would have trouble with, but it was actually very easy.  I was coming down University when it suddenly went down to one lane.

A few seconds before this there were three SUVs in the bike lane, it would have been a great pic!

Is there a law about cyclists taking pictures while riding?

I think there is a parade today, the Helix High band is assembling!

After an enjoyable ride so far, with lovely courtesy from many vehicle drivers, I get this PERSON who decides to go straight from right turn lane, which caused me to yell many sarcastic epithets, but oddly enough I don't think I invoked any profanity.

I am the blue, they are the red.  The lane is quite clearly marked as a right turn only. Yes, the go-straight lane gets a choice of lanes on the other side of the street. It is not a fabulous arrangement.

Eventually I got home OK, and now I can rest!

The RunKeeper app says I did 10.05 miles in 1:35:24 at a Fastest Average Pace of 9.29 mph and burned 1,235 calories, although I must admit I didn't notice it was on "Run" and not "Cycling"...  The bike odometer says a little more. Close enough, says I!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Morning

Road the bike ten miles this morning, out to Fletcher Hills and back around Grossmont High.  I checked on a couple geocaches of mine, and checked on a couple of other people's geocaches, because I'm a helpful person.

I THOUGHT the mechanical clock on the bike was off, but it was actually the digital clock that was half an hour off.

I made Irish oatmeal when I got home.

That's about it!

Oh, I forgot!  For statistical porpoises,  the Jamis odometer is at 12, 527.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Down In The Valley

I drove up to Los Peñasquitos Canyon to search for geocaches this Sunday morning. It was very foggy on the 15 going north--I turned on my windshield wipers a little!

Here the Ranch House water crossing. The stream flowed merrily beneath.

While fumbling around trying to find an access point to a cache I discovered Eichar's grave site. John J. Eichar (1825-1882) was buried here.  He possibly was a cook at the ranch.  His father was a prince in Bavaria.  If you don't believe me then just click the link and read the plaque!

Wandering around sort of lost, because I clicked on the wrong cache in the GPSr, I ended up on the trail, as it turns out, heading out of the canyon to the park on Camino Ruiz above. Well, I did not want to go all that way, so I fired up the phone app to find a nearby cache.  I FINALLY got "one bar" and downloaded a nearby cache, saving it so I could look for it "off line".  It turned out to be near a bridge, and I got "caught" for the second time by a jogger while I was under a bridge.  I need a spotter!

This scene is on the trail  Not exactly safe for high speed descents!  I nearly bonked my helmet on one low branch on the way up, and there was a lot of debris on the ground from other people wonking themselves, I assume.  It was very pretty, though!  Magical!

First World Anarchists may appreciate this pic.

I'm not going to bore you with cache details, except for the one with the SNAKE!!  Yes, another rattlesnake!  I reached into a bush and grabbed the container, then a VERY LOUD NEARBY BUZZING started up!  Yikes!  I hopped back and threw the cache, 'cause, it MIGHT have a snake in it!!  Well, it didn't, the snake was in the bush.  I signed the log, then I threw some rocks in the bush.  Not hearing anything I approach it to replace the cache.  Then the VERY LOUD NEARBY BUZZING started up again!  I THREW the cache at the bush and made a hasty exit.  Never did see the snake, though.

I found seventeen caches today and rode the bike 9.18 miles.  I am hoping mightily that I didn't get any poison oak on myself.


The other day I was discussing bicycle tube repairs with A.M.  I am sure he will be interested in reading this entry about Hot Patching from the Back Alley Bikes blog. And at the Google Groups Forums (is this usenet?) there is a fairly incoherent and sometimes rude discussion on whether rubber cement is the same as cold vulcanizing fluid.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Week To Date

This is in the bicycle blog because... I rode the bike to work on Wednesday!  I must have been quite a sight with my falling-down leg warmers.  And I really must hang a mirror at work because rather too late in the late I found my hair was quite mussed from changing into work clothes.  No one said a thing.

Today (Saturday) I did a little walk in the hills above the Santee Lakes.  There were a lot of caterpillars on the move.  Here is one:

(File size of linked image is 274KB)

This is where I turned around and headed back down.  You can see one of the Santee Lakes down there. Cell phone coverage went from three dots to zero while I was sitting there trying to update a geocaching log. Is it supposed to do that?

(File size of linked image is 404KB)

I found four caches today, one of which I had DNFed back in August.  I remember it was a VERY hot day...

I drove over to Barnes & Noble afterwards and bought eight books. For a hundred bucks.  And mostly paperbacks, too. Goodness! But they are all for the library and I shall be reimbursed.  A lady was looking for The Wind In The Willows (Kenneth Grahame (Who I always mix up with Graham Greene)), I told her I just bought it at work.  At the service counter another woman was looking for The Fault In Our Stars (John Green), and I helpfully told her I had a copy at home on my nightstand. Which I do and am enjoying reading it very much, but whether I shall put it out for the students is still up in the air.

And then I came home and, whoops, I forgot the clothes in the washer, wait a minute!

OK, there we go, they are in the dryer.

And I'm done here.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

On The Road

I had a query from a guy who is having trouble finding one of my geocaches so I decided to ride over and take some pictures of it for him, and so I did. I sent him five pictures progressively getting closer to the cache so that he can choose his level of spoiler. 

This one is picture #2.

I am becoming disenchanted with the center stand I put on the bike.  You can see it is completely useless in this instance.

I rode next to El Cajon where I looked for a cache for myself, because, really, why else would one GO to El Cajon?  Didn't find it, just as I didn't find it last time.

OK, ok, El Cajon has many reason to go there.  The very nice library, for one.  Also, Harbor Freight.  And the Yogurt Mill!!  And if you need a ticket while serving on jury duty, it's the place to go.

I seen this thing by the highway several times.  No one else seems to have noticed it.  What is it for? A red target for the chemtrail generators to navigate on?  Ha ha!

I don't see it on Google Streetview, for what it's worth.

View Larger Map

(Tried to center the Streetview, it just don't want to)

Runkeeper, an iPhone app, claims I rode 15.38 miles in 1 hour 17 minute 41 seconds, with an average speed of 7.84 miles per hour, and 746 consumed, and a total climb of 1,044 feet, which I have trouble believing, but what goes DOWN into The Box must come OUT, I guess.

The trusty bike trip-o-meter says 15.54 miles today.

Close enough.

I forgotted to mention, no knee pain today.

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