Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Already

I did not ride Saturday.

I did not ride Sunday.

I did not ride Monday.

I got about four hours sleep Sunday night, after great personal and inter-personal mental stress.

Plus, I took a nap.

So I drove to work with only four hours sleep, at most.

I drank some coffee, three cups worth.

I felt extremely weirded out all the rest of the day.

Cyhf, gurer jnf n gbhpu bs pbybe ba gur gvffhr. Urzebvqf, lbh xabj.

I had a six-month checkup at the radiation oncologist. She said my blood test was good, undetectable, or something very like that. Then she gave me the rubber-glove test. She said that was ok, too. She said I could go to annual checkups, now. So that was good.

I went home to re-arrange the garage a bit. Now the Raleigh Twenty (See, this IS bike related!) has a place on the bike storage pillar.

This is Bike-To-Work Week. I plan to ride tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday. Even though they have not sent me a free t-shirt in years! Thursday I have to drive, as I have to transport someone and go to a meeting 'cross town.

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Glad to hear that your check up went well. I get to go to my Well Woman check up on Monday. Received an interesting phone call yesterday from my friend's (Linda) husband. Linda got hit by a public bus while riding with her tri club in Leucadia. When she got hit, she was tossed onto 2 cars. The bus looked like it was going to pull over but then took off. The police caught up to it at Torrey Pines. Anyway, her son was riding with the club as well but was way ahead but was able to get him. She was sent to the ER at Scripps Encinitas as she was bleeding internally. Had a ruptured spleen. With an experiemental procedure, they were able to stop it. She was in ICU for 3 days and then went into a regular hospital room. She got home Wed night. She was wearing a helmet thank goodness but it was crushed. Believe it or not, other than some heavy duty scrapes and bruises she had no other injuries. No rib fractures. Nada. I don't know if I had told you but she just had bowel resection surgery (they removed 18", her appendix and a 7cm tumor). She's supposed to be off her feet at home, no lifting, etc. for her spleen to easy task. Bob had left her for a while and he caught her doing laundry!!! Argh. Bob isn't letting her have any visitors for a while so hopefully I'll see her in a week or so. It's been one of those months again. My friend's grandpa passed away and my friend/neighbor had to go to Torrence to check on her Dad this afternoon. He's been ill for awhile but has been refusing to go to a doctor. My friend's 9 year old is having tests done & seeing an endocrinologist to make sure he doesn't have a tumor or something that has been pushing him into early puberty. So really, I am very glad your check up went well!

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