Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Twodays Wednesday

For TWO days now I have awoken early (that is, at my regular working get-up time) and gotten on the bike and pedaled my behind around some version of the Dam Ride.

Not as sticky as yesterday, so that was nice. No morning overcast, either.

An aside here, boy, typing on Blogger seems to do more than its share of stalling the live broadcast of Morning Become Eclectic I am TRYING to listen to on KCRW!

So I found these sun over-glasses. I tried them out walking to the library the other day, and they were fine. I tried them out today, and they were awful, because the temples are incredibly painful after a few minutes. I'm guessing that the helmet straps are pressing them into MY BRAIN! Can't see anyway around it. It's too bad, because they allow me to wear my regular glasses, and they have very good coverage. Although they look a bit dorky, and I feel a bit "senior citizen" wearing them. I guess I haven't really gotten over junior high school yet!!

I thought these sunglasses came from Dr. Leonard's Healthcare, to my chagrin, and in fact they DO have a likely product, but in looking at the BIG VERSION of this image, I see these were purchased from Bike Nashbar. Which they do not stock anymore, I guess. But speaking of Bike Nashbar sunglasses, would these not be sweet with the pink jersey?

2008August06 At The Lake
Check out the Fat Cyclist review of chamois cream, scroll down for funny faces!

The lake is pretty full, as you can see. I saw the "Meow" girl, that blonde chick, again. And there were a LOT of ants at the spot I took the photo.

That's about it!


Distance ridden: 25.16 miles (40.51 km)
Riding time: 2 hours 6 minutes 35 seconds
Average speed: 11.98 mph (19.29 km/h)
Ending odometer: 7,160 miles (11,527.6 km)


Distance ridden: 25.05 miles (40.33 km)
Riding time: 1 hour 57 minutes 41 seconds
Average speed: 12.85 mph (20.68 km/h)
Ending odometer: 7,135 (11,487.35 km)

So, even though I SKIPPED OUT on my promised ride Monday, I have achieved a respectable (for me!) amount of miles for this week, so far.



Deanne said...

Weird, I've been waking up earlier these days lately. Guess I'm preparing for school to start soon. Sigh. Glasses were a bit "mature" looking but not too bad. Too bad they squoze your brain. Not a good feeling.

Andrew said...

I've been using some "Fitovers" sunglasses for the last several weeks. They work better than any over-the-glasses shades I've tried before. They do limit my peripheral vision a wee bit though. See if you are interested.

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