Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Darn Car Companies

Rode Jamis to work today, since it did not rain. I rode over to Drew Ford afterwards to see about picking up a new inertia switch. I looked at Drew Parts Online and it was around 31 bucks, so I figured I ought to do it. Because...

You will remember back in 2008 I had to walk home because I did not know to reset it. And you will have read in My Leftist Commie-Liberal Rantings that it conked out AGAIN while I was driving down University Ave.

Well, my daughter borrowed the truck and reported it died again, and she had to coast to the side of the road to reset it. How scary is that? What if it happened on the freeway. Someone could get killed! I think Ford should do a recall. I've been scared all day that she would end up dead because of this!

Anywho, I went to the Parts place and the guy tells me there is a relocation kit for it! This is not something that is on their website, and there is nothing on the official Ford place when you enter your VIN number for recalls and such. Is there a service bulletin? How would I find out? They want around a hundred buck for the kit. It looks like it relocates to the side of the passenger compartment. There is a bit of drilling involved, for the mounting screws.

I think Ford should pay for this. If the original design was not faulty, why did they go to the trouble of creating a fix-kit? I only have 7,000 miles (in five years) on the truck, it is practically NEW! This is so bogus!

I think I can by-pass the little pig with a couple of 3M Scotchlok T-Taps and two pieces of wire for around...nothing. Hey, I've never been in an accident, it can't happen to me! If the vehicle catches fire, I'll just beat myself senseless with my trusty Emergency Auto Escape Hammer!


Matthew Fedder said...

There are 13 complaints of inertial switch problems for the '05 Ranger on the NHTSA website: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/

You should add yours.

Les and Allyssa said...

It seems like you could save some money and relocate it yourself. Maybe bypass it. Other manufactures don't have one, and they seem to do allright w/o it. But don't do it if you don't fell comfortable with it.

Deanne said...

Brother bean! Thank goodness, your daughter was ok. I agree with you that Ford should pay for it! Urgh!

幸運之神 said...


Anonymous said...

Dad, I was coasting into the parking space at Wal-Mart. It was like a few feet. But it was hard to turn the steering wheel and there wasn't much "coast" left.

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