Monday, September 07, 2009

Feels Like Sunday

Yes, it does. Except I'm not missing Sunday Morning by going on a bike ride.

I loaded some more geocache locations into the GPS last night so I could look for them today.

The plan was to ride out to Santee and return via the dirt road.

I only found ONE cache, out of six. One of them I looked for yesterday and thought I had a handle on for today. I did not. I even went to that Starbucks I was complaining about. Twice! There was a security guard heading out this morning, but it was pretty clear on the way back, so I stopped to take a look. No joy.

The ONE I did find was pretty amazing. I've been past this spot, oh, let us say, thirty times. I never noticed the duck pond.

2009September07 geocaching

One hardly notices the industrial buildings all around it.

I stopped by Mary's Donuts (formerly Zona's) and had a cup of coffee and two plain cake donuts. And searched for the cache there. An exercise in futility!

I also was crawling around in the bushes at the trailhead on Mesa Road. Several people observed me, in passing, and greeted me. I felt like such a goof. I finally took my helmet off. It did not help, I still did not find the cache.

Zipping back down Fletcher Parkway at my usual coasting speed I noticed a guy on a bicycle coming the WRONG WAY, on the WRONG SIDE of the FOUR, no, I see it is a FIVE LANE DIVIDED PARKWAY!! I said, "BUDDY, you're on the wrong side of the road!" He then headed over to the bike lane, to continue his journey in the wrong direction. Yikes!

This was kinda funny, because earlier this morning when I was heading UP the hill, in the bike lane, a woman on a bicycle, one of those pastel-coloured "Ladies"-framed things, came towards me DOWN the hill in the bike lane. I muttered something like "Sweet", but she ignored me.

One Day In Sept

The green dots represent the lady in the bike lane, the pink dots is the guy's path.

And I see I have miscounted the lanes, there are SIX!

Last thing I did was the previously mentioned Starbuck's unfinding, then I went home.

I did eighteen miles for the day, found a quarter, and did not pick up any rocks.

1 comment:

Deanne said...

That duck pond is an interesting find among the buildings. I miss seeing our ducks that used to drop into the neighborhood. They were a couple. The last time I saw them the female had an injured leg. I have a feeling something happened to her & that's why they haven't returned. Sigh.

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