Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I did not ride yesterday, I did not ride today.

I DID go for a little walk to the library, though.

I've seen this bicycle before, I suspect, and I thought it was a Mundo cargo bicycle, but on closer inspection I notice that none of their bikes seem to have that impressive loop, or handle, just behind the seat. Nor is it an Xtracycle, another utility cutie. What do YOU think it is?

2009August11 walk 002

What does it say on the fender? "Something" On Board... something with PAWS!
And if that isn't a Brooks-type leather seat, I'll eat it. With catsup!

This is a combination sidewalk/bike lane. It is kinda narrow. Rather exciting to walk along, at times, especially down there at the corner. At least there is a white stripe!

2009August11 walk 001

Is it legal to park there?

This senior citizen has taken it up herself to yell at the cars speeding down this street and threatening to write down their license plate numbers. She was yelling stuff like, "I got your number, you speeder!" She was out there for about an hour, and several pedestrians cheered her on.

2009August10 senior citizen yelling at speeders 005

That is a speed bump on the right. You speed UP for speed bumps, right?

I've almost committed myself to buying a 100/pack of Rema patches. Almost.

Well, that is all I have, toodles!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Interesting bike. I've never seen a bike with handlebars like that before or the loop/handle thingy behind the seat. I wouldn't think it would be legal to park behind that line but what do I know. Haven't had to take a written DMV test in years. That lady---cracked me up. Yelling at the whipper snappers. Could be one of us in a few years!

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