Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Today's Post Is...

Went for a little ride this morning in the June/July Gloom. The sun was just breaking out by the time I got home. I put just over twelve miles on the odometer.

There was not too much going on out there, except:

Plodding up Fletcher Parkway hill there was an SUV stopped on the side of the road just past the turn-off to the A-frame houses. This is just before the place I pick up rocks, you understand. I passed the fellow, for there was a fellow in the driver's seat. I gathered a couple of rocks, then continued up the hill. After a bit he came slowly up the hill, then stopped again, a couple of hundred yards in front of me. I was thinkin', when I pass him I'm going to say something like, "I'm going to get to the top before you!" Well, before I could pass him, he started up again, and that was the last I saw of him.

The other interestin' thing I saw was this big ol' bird, a Scarlet Macaw I finds out later, jest a sittin' on the fence, so pretty!

2009July02 Bike ride 001 2009July02 Bike ride 002 2009July02 Bike ride 003

Since I totally fail at in-camera composition, I had to gimp out the basketball backboard that was behind the bird. Also, we see the results of not-being-close-enough and the limits of the telephoto lens. I guess that is why they use those giant lens to photograph birds!

I took another picture of that motorcycle I am so enamored of...

2009July02 Bike ride 004

I think this will be the final picture of this particular bike, as I have reach the limit of megapixels with my camera. I was right next to this baby, and it still is not all that detailed.

And so to home.


Saw this nifty bike on Wonderland, a KPBS television show, last night. A fellow was riding one in the Torrey Pines area, and the host talked to him for a bit. Two grand is a bit much for me, but it might be fun to borrow one. Where would I hang my basket, though? Gotta pick up the rocks!

from a thread on discussing a fellow riding his bike across Pennsylvania:
There's worse ways to spend your time. Out in Amish land it's really pleasant but it pisses you off when a 12 year old Amish kid on a fixed gear bike blows you out of the water on a hill so steep you're in danger of scraping the skin off your nose. Then he waves at you.--SockMonkeyHolocaust 2009-07-01 11:13:59 PM

from Mr. Punch Awheel

Nearly 90 years later we are hearing the same old complaint!
Ken Keiffer's take on bicycles and taxes.

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