Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day Ride

What a comedy today's ride was!

It started out ok. I got up and started out around 6:30 AM. It was about 44 degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun was coming out, I could tell, there were not a lot of clouds.

But as I rode farther to the west, I noticed more and more a patches of fog.

And Misson Bay was totally socked in!

2009Jan01 Bike Ride 001

You know it's think when water is dripping off the helmet mirror!

2009Jan01 Bike Ride 002

What's up with the black mirror? I thought there would be a neat reflection!
I didn't see any other cyclists until I got to Mission Bay.

One of the things I wanted to do on this ride was to see the Fay Ave. bike path, because it goes on the old La Jolla Railroad roadbed. As I rode along I realized I rode this path with an AYH group about fifteen years ago!

My next goal was to take a picture of a giant ham radio antenna on Mt. Soledad that I heard about. Of course, I didn't take a map. So, of course, I got lost and never found it. In looking back, I wasn't even CLOSE!

And so, now I have to do this whole ride again!

Riding along Garnet I heard something go clink!, so I pulled over. Turned out my smelly yellow Walmart coin purse had bounced out of its pocket, dumping quarters all over the road. Several passers-by were amused.

Hanging my head in fail, I wandered back to Mission Bay, where the fog was clearing. Quickly computing, I realized I would need a couple of extra miles to make it fifty today. So I headed down to the jetty, always good for a couple of miles.

2009Jan01 Bike Ride 003

Over by the boat businesses I spotted (how could on MISS it?) this big ol' boat. I THOUGHT I had memorized the name, so I could Google it, but apparently not. And the picture is so blurry (fogged lens?) that one cannot make it out. Alas!

2009Jan01 Bike Ride 005

I headed home from there. Climbing the Montezuma Hill, at the steepest part, I hit a pavement ridge and fell over. Fortunately no one was there to see. A few feet farther, at the top of the hill, I realized I was getting ANOTHER FLAT TIRE!! ON THE REAR! Zoinks! So I pulled over to a handy bench in front of a big dorm high-rise and replaced the tube, having had the foresight to BRING an extra tube, this time. I found three little pieces of glass in the tire.

I hopped back on the bike, realized I hadn't re-fastened the rear brake straddle cable. Stopped a couple miles farther on, found out I COULDN'T re-fastend the rear brake straddle cable. I don't know why. I came OFF all right. Oh, well, it's mostly upgrade the rest of the way, I'll just leave it off.

I re-computed, and realized I would need yet ANOTHER two miles to make it to fifty. So I headed down'n'back on 70th, then over to the library to check the hours. Once home, that made fifty miles.


Today's ride mileage: 50.17 miles (80.77 km) in 4 hours, 17 minutes, 43 seconds riding time. That would be an 11.71 mph average.

But in elapsed time, 5.5 hours. THAT would be a 9.21 mph average. Not so good!

And I'm sunburned!

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