Sunday, December 21, 2008


Got up just past first light (6:30), ate the flakes, and hit the road. It was about 42°F when I hit the road, wearing the helmet liner, leg warmers, and red long-sleeve jersey, all un-warshed from yesterday's ride.

And the yellow wind breaker with the stupid zipper, which mercifully did not hassle me, man, this morning!

Hey, Blogger works a lot better (faster) when the KCRW broadcast stops working! Hold on a second, I have to switch Windows™, hit pause, then play, so it will start playing again. I'm listening to le Show.

After a few hundred feet of riding, including negotiating a traffic signal, I reached over to reset the odometer, and it wasn't there. Of course it wasn't, it was sitting on the computer desk back home. Oh, fudge! I headed back home and picked up the little device, and also some almost hole-less glove liners.

A pleasant, but chilly, ride ensued. The fingers were sore with chill, but the face didn't hurt.

It was about 45°F in Mission Trails Park at the time, but it felt a lot colder in the shady canyon.

Going up Jackson Drive Hill I totally over did it and nearly blew my heart and lungs away. There were a couple of guys behind me, and they didn't seem to be catching me. So, I pedaled my heart (and lungs) out (in the 36/24 combo) to stay ahead. Fortunately someone placed a road near the top that I could gracefully turn into and rest a bit, plus getting some added distance on the ride.

And that was the point when I realized they were no longer behind me, having turned on to a side road some distance before...

So on the side-excursion I noticed this Xmas display, again. The chain link fence just adds SOMETHING to the ambiance, don't you think?

2008Dec21 Bike Ride 002

I finally made it to the top, practically wheezing, in spite of the respite.

And finally got a decent pic of this antenna, which I think is located at Stu's house, he of the extremely chirpy Russian tank transceiver.

2008Dec21 Bike Ride 004

Went part-way around the lake. Followed some woman riding no-hands, who kept yelling "It's all about the MONEY". I finally figured out she was listening to music, probably a song titled It's All About The Money, but I don't know if it was the Travis Tritt song or the Meja song, but I suspect the former. Not that I have a CLUE who either of these performers are! I PERSONALLY was singing Alice Cooper's Be My Lover, but in a more circumspect manner, as is my wont.

Enough of this! I made it home alive, with another 20 miles to my credit.

The wife was asleep, the outside-cat-with-the-stumpy-tail was asleep (on MY chair!), the Xmas lights were on, the floor heater was on, and it was 90
°F! I turned off the heater, turned off the television, and fired up the computer.

I drank some hot tea and ate the last pizelle.

Ride Stats

Trip Mileage 21.19 miles
Trip Time 1:43:01
Avg. Speed 12.32 mph
Max. Speed n/a

Week Stats

Schwinn: 32.67 miles
Jamis: 8.38 miles

Week Total: 41.05 miles


Schwinn: 7,431 miles YTD 635 miles (YStart 6,796)
Jamis: 6,491 miles YTD 2,278 miles (YStart 4,213)

Total YTD 2,913 miles

W00t, I'm dangerously close to 3,000 miles for the year! I totally think I can do 87 miles in the next ten days, baring rain delays!

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Deanne said...

Can't believe that 2008 is almost over. Kind of happy to see 2009. 2008 wasn't the best and I'm hoping that 2009 will be a much happier one. Love the chain link fence candy cane combo.Parental units arrived yesterday. The kid lost his first tooth today--bottom front--while he was eating tortilla chips. Tooth Fairy and Santa visiting the same week!

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