Saturday, November 08, 2008


It was a little cool (59° F / 15° C) and a fairly staggering headwind (Weather Underground says gusts of 5 mph (8 km/h), that CAN'T be right! It WAS staggering! Or at least assertive.) as I headed East this morning.

Sort of HEADED for the dam, but really had no REAL intention of going that way. Went down the Fletcher Parkway hill. Got passed by two guys in full kit without even a "How's it goin'?" I've never felt so ignored since the last time I went to a single's bar.1

I was hoping that maybe the blimp I saw yesterday was parked at the airport, but I did not see it.

The Forester Creek Bike Pathlet has been cleaned up weeds, something I was thinking sorely needed doing last time I went through here.

2008Nov08 Bike Ride 002

Well, looks like someone took a break, there's still some more to do, fellows!

Not wanting to go back UP Fletcher Parkway, and not wanting to go UP Jackson Drive Hill, I took the "easy" route and went up Mesa Road. Which is dirt. It's pretty not-hilly, but there are rocks'n'stuff, so you might think twice before taking your ol' skinny-tired bike on it. I stopped at a Geocache I've been having problems with. Found the "cache" a year ago, but can't seem to find the log! Didn't find it this time, either!

Eventually wandered home, picked up a big rock along the way. For the burgeoning rock garden, don't cha know?

2008Nov08 Bike Ride 003

But before I got home, I was lining up in left-hand turn lane, trailing another cyclist. He drifted up to the front of the line of cars, but on the right. Mostly in the next lane. But I've mentioned this before... On the green we took off. Idiot cyclist didn't swing wide enough, so the car beside him had to maneuver a bit. What a tool! Riding like a cager! I took the lane, like a good boy, passed the guy on a bicycle, and TOTALLY PWNED2 him on the hill! I ROCK! I RULE!! I am Greg Lemond, Lance Armstrong, and Eddie Merckx all rolled into ONE!! I AM BATMAN!!!!

I'm figuring about 15 miles ridden today, for a total of 71.64 miles for the week so far. The odometer on Jamis is now at 6,228 miles. I'm stating this here, but I'm going to reset its clock, and the last time I did that I erased EVERYTHING!


I saw FIVE bicyclists on the way to work Friday morning. I think that is a new record.

I got an email from someone at work that mentioned Fruit Basket Turnovers (I didn't link that "s" on purpose). Never heard of it. Turns out it's a game, one that is also poular in Japan, where it is known as Fruits Basket. Oh, I've heard of that, we have a manga book in the library from a series called Fruits Basket!

Learn something every day!

The Arcata Eye (The mildly objectionable newspaper for Arcata, California.) has a couple of bicycle-related items in its Police Log for November 4, 2008. Scroll down to the 2:00 p.m., and a bit farther down to October 20 at 7:28 a.m.

Well, that about all for today and yesterday!

1I've never REALLY been to a singles bar, that's called "Creative License". And I've got one!

2I had to look up how to spell that...

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