Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dead Donuts

It was a dark and stormy Sunday morning.

Well, not stormy, and not so dark, but SOME headlights and streetlights were still on at six in the morning when I headed out, after consuming a measuring cup of Albertson's Bran Flakes.

I rode east for 1.5 hours (what's that in metric?), then I stopped, snapped this pic, then turned around and headed back.

2008August03 bike ride 001

This is rather near Alpine Blvd. and Dunbar Lane. A good place to turn around, as it is the TOP of a hill.

Heading up (west-ish) the little (depending on how one is feeling!) grade on Olde Highway 80 after the Los Coches intersection, I came upon this HORRIBLE sight!!

2008August03 bike ride 005

Some fiend dumped this poor Long John on the side of the road. So sad!

The waste, the waste.

It was covered in ants, so I was not tempted.

Here's something I ran across while researching donuts, the Brown Bobby. Never heard of it, but it looks good! I feel deprived that my mother did not have one of these machines. Although she DID have a waffle iron, for which I am grateful!

I stopped at that memorial I keep mentioning. I made note of the name, it is Ralph Simpson. The year of death is 2004. I can't find anything on the web, so the circumstances are a mystery to me.

Ride Stats

Consumed: One water bottle of water; one Albertson's Peanut Butter & Chocolate Granola Bar

Ride Distance: 33.22 miles (53.48 km)
Ride Time: 2 hours 34 minutes 2 seconds
Ride Avg. Speed: 12.94 mph (20.84 km/h)

Odometer(to date): 7,110 miles (11447.1 km)

1 comment:

Ledgehead said...

Great blog! I found you blog by trying a web search for my own. I ride as well and one thing I think I'll do in the future is bring a camera. Everything goes by so fast, sometimes I should stop and take a picture (smell the roses).
Keep it between the white lines!

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