Saturday, November 14, 2009


Went geocaching by bike this morning.

Found a lock. And it's not locked! If I find a vacant hasp somewhere....

2009November14 lock 004

Found a bunch of the caches. One might be up a tree. I sent an e-mail to the cache owner, asking what is up with it. I might have to go back with a ladder!

2009November14 box in tree 001

I'm not sure if that is a cache or a rat trap. I've gotten them confused before!

The final cache of the bicycling day was one I've looked before many times, and I thought I had a line on it this time. Well, I didn't find it, but in perusing the logs again, I discovered another clue! I'm SURE I'm a gonna find it tomorrow!

I think the mileage is up to 79 miles for the week, so far.

In the afternoon I drove down to El Cajon to visit a cache where the muggles just would not go away. It was clear! I parked right in front of it, sign the log, and left to go grocery shopping.

After the grocery trip I laid down for a while to finish a book, Brides Of Eden, by Linda Crew. It is about a religious cult in Corvallis, Oregon, way back in 1903. It was pretty good. There was a quote, in the book, from a newspaper of the time.

Night Officer Overlander will not expect any whining from the fellows who hereafter get arrested for riding bicycles about the streets and walks after night without lamps. He wishes to have it know that he intends to enforece the law on this subject. -- attributed to The Corvallis Times, March 23, 1903.
Seems bicyclists were scofflaws even then!

After I finished the book I went on a quest for Betadine for to warsh the cat's ouchy. I went to FIVE places, didn't find what I wanted, and I had to settle.

I saw a Mercedes with the strangest exhaust pipe! A pair of large diameter pipes exited the rear of the car, then made an abrupt bend UPWARDS, sticking up another three feet, ending above the top of the trunk. Strangest thing I've ever seen! It had those thin low profile tires. You will HAVE to imagine it, because I forgot to bring the camera.

I honked at two kids on bicycles who did not even LOOK when they crossed the parking lot lane in front of me. AND, they were not wearing their helmets. Said helmets were protecting the bicycles' handdlebars.

An SUV full of teenieboppers was ahead of me. They were frantically waving at me through the tinted rear window. I ignored them through their tinted rear window. I shall probably hear about this on Monday... "We saw you driving and we were waving and you IGNORED us!"

Don't forget to watch The Prisoner movie tomorrow (Sunday) night at eight on AMC. Wups, it's a mini-series, I see! It continues Monday and Tuesday, too! Be seeing you!

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