Thursday, November 12, 2009


Is it Thursday already?

It might sprinkle tonight, but I doubt. The weather was a bit cooler than usual this morning, and a bit cooler than that in the afternoon.

A fellow on a bicycle passed me this morning on the frontage road. When the frontage road ended and he merged onto my street (ignoring the stop sign, of course) he was nearly doored by someone. He stopped aways farther to adjust his backpack, that is where I past him. He was wearing a white t-shirt which had a big wet stripe down the back, probably from his backpack. He had on headphones, and I could hear the music ten feet away as I rode past him.

I see the trip odometer on the Schwinn is around 48 miles for the week, so far.

Now, yesterday I rode up to Grossmont College to do a bit of geocaching. I thought the place would be deserted, it being Veteran's Day and all. It was not. And, I found I forgot the list of caches.

I rode down Mesa Road to Santee. Wasted a bit of time looking for yet another cache I haven't found yet. Gave up, went looking for a new one on Prospect. found it no problem. Headed over to the trolley station. Found that one, too, but had to use the hint. Headed over to another one behind a strip mall. Everyone is at work today! Everyone, but me! Gave up looking for that one, too many people. I'll sneak over there Sunday, before they get up! Next, I heade west a bit. I saw this car the other day, saw it again today.

I guess the owner here sits in his chair and stares at his reflection in the hubcaps!

2009November11 009 Chevy

I love those fin sticking out the back! Wouldn't hate to hit those? Remember the big-fin cars of the 50s? I think Norma Jean's dad has a white 1959 Cadillac like this.

Stopped by the tiny park, no joy there. Headed over to the next trolley station. Man, the place is packed, and there are people sitting on car hoods right by the cache site. Dudes!

I headed home after that.

I finished reading Cynthia Kadohata's Cracker! The best dog in Vietnam before I went for the bike ride, and read a bit of Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. I finished that when I got home, and then read Freaky Green Eyes, by Joyce Carol Oates. In the late afternoon I went out into the yard and chopped away a garbage can's worth of runaway bamboo. After that I read the July 1993 issue of Analog, again. Some of it made more sense, although the science article was still way over my head. I also read Model Railroader.

I don't remember Tuesday much, except someone nearly cut me off with a right-hook. It scared me, and I saluted them. As it were.

Still don't have that gear. I guess Performance doesn't have their bulk order together yet.

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