Sunday, August 23, 2009


Even though I didn't wake up till EIGHT A.M., AND it was sunnyish outside, I still went for a ride. After watching Patti Davis tell her tale on Sunday Morning, I put on some sunscreen and headed out.

The plan was: The Dam Ride.

And it was pretty uneventful.

The only thing out of the ordinary was that I stopped at Zona's Donuts in Santee. I NEVER stop for food, you know. I bought two cake donuts, and ate them both at the table outside. I also took a picture for Win For Susan Day.

2009August23 bike ride

I thought this was interesting, it is from the Santee city minutes. Or something.

MEETING DATE December 10, 2008
SUMMARY Tonight’s meeting will be adjourned in memory of Zona Leona Ainsworth. Zona operated the famous “Zona’s Donuts” in Santee since the 1970’s and over 10 years ago, she sold the donut shop and it became “Mary’s Donuts”. Zona was married to Gene Ainsworth’s brother, John. Gene Ainsworth was Santee’s first Mayor. Zona is survived by her sister Lynn Dunn. A certificate of adjournment has been prepared and will be accepted by Zona’s sister, Lynn Dunn.

I should have got some coffee, too. That would have been great!

I rode through the dam area. Lots of people out walking. I have not said "Good morning" to so many people before.

Climbing up the Jackson Hill grade, I actually passed someone! They had one of those water/camel things on their back. I calculated that could have weighed as much as six pounds! No wonder I passed them!

I went part-ways around the lake, there were lots of people there, too. I didn't see anyone I recognized, much less knew. I had to ring my bell furiously at a kid whole was weaving around in the middle of the road.

After escaping from that I coasted most of the way down the newly-repaved Baltimore Drive, then pedaled up the hill, past the Heritage Inn, scene of a shooting last night that kept me awake. I think I actually heard the shots! I only heard two, the article says he was shot three times.

I stopped at the ATM for some cash to gas up the vehicle for the coming week, as I have several appointments to keep in various places around the city. I waited for a fellow to finish his transaction. He turned and asked if that was a Paramount I was riding. I said "No, it's a '84 Voyager", then I corrected myself with the long story of how it started out as an '84 Passage, but the frame was replaced under warranty with an '81 Voyager. Or something like that. He asked if I rode with a club, and if the bike had Campy components. I replied that I did not ride with a club, and the only Campy component I had was a pump head* on a non-functional Silca pump.

*Link love to Belgium Knee Warmers, isn't that an interesting place to put one's pump? And click on one of those "Embrocation" links on the side. Learn something every day!

Mileage for the day is 21.38 miles.

Mileage for the week is 44.05 (Jamis) plus 21.38 (Schwinn) and that equals 65.43 miles.

Ending Odometer Readings, for the record (just in case the batteries die!)

Jamis: 8,314 miles
Schwinn: 7,864 miles

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Deanne said...

Mmm...a donut sounds good right now. Win!

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