Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Morning

I got up at six, watched a few minutes of the Tour, then headed out on Jamis for a Dam bike Ride.

The sun was already up, there were not any clouds in the sky. The temperature was around 65° F, and I see now that the humidity was 90%. Well, that explains THAT! Kinda sweaty!

I got up to 40 mph for a few seconds going down the recently repaved Swallow Drive before I hit the brakes. It is smooth sailing now, maybe I'll work up the nerve to NOT hit the brakes.

Saw some antennas I never noticed before.

2009July011 bike ride 001

And not a cloud in the sky.

Saw this woodie in the parking lot of Pinacle Peak in Santee. Seems to be some sort of old-car swap meet thing going on.

2009July011 bike ride 002

Is that a Ford woodie, or what? Illuminate me!

Instead of going through Mission Trails on the Father Serra Trail, I climbed up the hill on Mission Gorge Road. I got passed just past the top of grade by some silent fellow in full kit.

I coasted down the hill, waited for the light at the bottom, which did not turn, so I snuck across when no one was looking. I stopped for a minute to put on my sunglasses. Those overglasses that press on my temples, slice into my ears, and cause great pain. By the way, I made an appointment to get my eyes checked the other day, but it is not until the end of August. Lack of planning on my part... but the epoxy is still holding the hinge! But I digress...

I climbed up the hill in granny gear. Did I mention I picked up some rocks on Fletcher Parkway? Well, I did. I climbed and climbed. And climbed. I kept trying to relax my shoulders and arms, as I tend to lock them. Can't be good. I looked in my mirror, I saw a couple of guys slowly catching me. It took them a few minutes, but finally I saw them just behind me, gauging the situation.

I said to them, "Come ON, guys!"
One of them said, "And the peleton catches the breakaway!"
"Aaargh," said I.
I thought, Phil Ligget shouts, "Fedderini has broken on Alpe d' Jackson!"

Perhaps if I had some motivation like this I might have performed more spectacularly.

Finally I reached the crest, those guys were long gone. I hung a left and headed down Navajo to the smoke shop. It was closed, so I continued to Fletcher, turned right, and headed on home.

Rocks and all.

It looks like I got around 23 miles today. The trip meter is up to 68.20 miles for the week. The average speed is 11.66 mph, isn't that interesting. And the odometer is 7,908 miles.

Now for some flower pics, by popular request!

The rock thing is coming along. Needs more DG, though.

2009July011 bike ride 005

There ARE sunflowers, not so many as last year. The one BIG one has not bloomed yet, though.

2009July011 bike ride 003

Macro close-up of sunflower. Click the pic to goto zooomr to see a BIG version.

2009July011 bike ride 004

I see a lot of snail trails, but no snails, and they don't seem to be bothering the sunflowers.

Here's a joke I don't get. I don't understand the pun. Explain it to me.

There were three son's who decided their beef cattle operation needed a name. They were stumped. Then one son said, "I've got it! We'll call it Focus."
"Why Focus?"
Because that where the "sun's rays meet."

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Nilz said...

Enjoyed reading your Joy Ride on Jamis!

Have a great time.

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