Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Thursday

While I have not been riding for a couple of weeks, for no particular reason outside of terminal ennui, it does not mean I have not been thinking about bikes and such.

What can we learn from observing our fellow vehicle operators?

Always leave a car-length between vehicles at a stop light. They might roll back on you!

2009June11 Space 003

I'm not exactly sure which lane this fellow is in.

2009June10 Take the lane 001

Turned out he was turning left, just like me! I, personally, would have taken the lane.

In Part Two of what would have been a four-part series, we see that our intrepid cyclist has caught us at a four-way intersection, and is crossing said intersection. I, personally, would have waited for the white car to pull out for shielding porpoises.

2009June10 Take the lane 002

By the by, his pedals have toe-clips, but he is pedaling "on the bottoms". I just made that expression up!

In Part Three the cyclist would have caught up at the next light, which has a rather interesting narrowing-function the road designers installed last year. But, he missed the green by a hundred feet, and I had to proceed or risk getting honked at by the SUV behind me.

And, after that, there was just no way that Part Four was going to take place.

Steve the L. had an interesting tale about mountain biking with a gruppo of likely lads in the Syacamore Canyon area. A few hills were mounted, a few snakes were seen, and at least one tire was flatted.

I've been looking for a place to stash the word "modicum", but I haven't found it yet.

Speaking of work, this is what the math kids were up to last week:

2009June11 Polyhedronville 001

Math is fun!

And speaking of kids, one of them was telling me about her trip to Germany, and all about the Autobahn, which reminded of the song of that title, which I could not play because YouTube is blocked at work, for some reason, which lead me to Kraftwerk's Tour de France, which I found on an unblocked site, but the link is to a better one on YouTube.


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