Friday, October 17, 2008

Warm Friday

I thought it was supposed to cool down a lot by today, but it is still pretty warm. But not blazing hot. But the humidity is coming back up, so the fire danger is down. So that is a good thing.

Last night I repaired the flat on Jamis. It was a thorn. A tiny little thing!

2008October15  Flat Tiref 006

I pulled it out, and here it is, in toto...

2008October15  Flat Tire 008

Much ado, and all that.

I also did the Brilliant Solution to the LED Blinky Problem on the Schwinn.

First, I found a dowel, cut it to size, and then drilled it. From both ends. On the trusty Harbour Freight Drill Press.

2008October15  Bike Stuff 001

I then ran the drill through it a couple more times to get the two holes to line up. Then I FORCED the screw through.

2008October15  Bike Stuff 002

Next, I threaded on the LED blinky and put it on the Twofish Lockblock. Oh no, where is the strap to hold it on?

2008October15  Bike Stuff 003

Looks fairly great, I must say. Maybe a little varnish on the dowel would pretty it up. Or, paint it black!

This week I've 34.8 miles on Jamis, and around 10 on the Schwinn.

I was reading up on how to clean synthetic fabrics today, as my Headsweat has a bit of an odour, more reminiscent of sweat than head. You wouldn't believe the rude (and humourous) things people say to each other on on the topic of smelly bicycling clothes!

The Angriest Pharmacist rants about bicyclists. A VERY partial quote, edited for language:
You will STOP at STOP SIGNS. You will STOP at RED LIGHTS. You will SIGNAL when TURNING. You will ride your bike in the BICYCLE LANE [far right - not against traffic] or (preferably) on the f[***]ing sidewalk (where allowed by law). When you hug the f[***]ing curb, like you love to do, I can’t tell whether it’s safe to pass or I should just door-check you as I blow by.
I read several of the pharmacist and medical rant blogs. My favorite is The Angry Pharmacist, no relation (that I know of) to the previously quoted gentleman, except he (she?) is linked to there. Whew, that sentence got out of control!



The Donut Guy said...

Hey, we have the same kind of knob on our Sears Washer.....they don't make'm like they used to.

The Squeaky Cyclist said...

My garage-mate has the exact same washer and dryer, except in opposite models. In other words, he has the same model dryer as my washer, and the same model washer as my dryer. But his knobs are not broken. And his machines are always spotless. I guess old sailors keep a neat ship.

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