Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three Bad Pics

Rode Jamis to work AGAIN. What a rut I am in! Work work work, every day! Five days a week!

I work, therefore I am...

Saw the lady who walketh the bike lane. I've mentioned her before. She made a LOUD exclamatory noise as I passed. Must have startled her. Hey, get outa da road, lady!

2008October21 In The Bike Lane 1

That's some sort of garment bag over her shoulder, she is always carrying it.
Although I haven't actually SEEN her face, I picture her as a babushka trudging off to a maid job.

Lightened a bit so you can SEE the sidewalk!
2008October21 In The Bike Lane 1GAMMA

She was actually person #2 of 3 this morning walking in the bike lane. Hey, people, my taxes paid for those sidewalks, use 'em!!

Going home I was kinda nearly taken out by a guy backing out of his driveway. I yelled, "Thank you, sir, may I have another!" at him. Or something like that.

Another mile along I was passed by Mr. Speedy Cyclist In Clown Suit. He ran the stop sign, to the confusion of some vehicles. Confused, because I DIDN'T run the stop sign, and instead took turns. So virtuous am I!

Another mile and I was CONFRONTED by a bicyclist in mufti pedaling the wrong way in the bike lane. I held my line and forced him to pass on my left, in the traffic lane.

2008October21 In The Bike Lane 2

I managed to not get him in the camera frame!

And lastly, from last night, a possum was eating the cat food (Yes, yes, I know).

2008October21 Possum 001

If you download the picture and adjust the gamma you will have a very poor picture of a possum scurrying away!

Mileage this week so far is around 22 miles, so far. No riding tomorrow, I a dentist appointment, groceries to fetch, and labs to do.


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