Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sultry Wednesday

My oh my, it's another warm one!

Coming home from work I followed this cyclist for a while.

After another block-and-a-half, just before the intersection of Navajo and Lake Murray, said cyclist decided to go up on the sidewalk and wait at the light before they continued straight. Since I was still in the street, and turning right, it presented a few seconds of conflict.

A bit further on, on Lake Murray, yet another vehicle (an SUV!!) was stopped in front of the vet, in the bike lane. As I moved left to pass them they decided to pull out. Yet another few seconds of conflict!

It is quite pleasant cycling in the warmth, until one stops for a light. Then the sun is focused on one, as if through a magnifying glass, and the heat of the car exhaust pipe a few feet in front of one is stinkyfying.

I managed to snap a shot of this fellow on a recumbent climbing the slopey overpass on Baltimore Ave. whilst still pedaling, albeit slowly, myself.

I though 'bents were slower than two-wheelers on a hill, but near the top he pulled away from me quite briskly!

Pet Peeve #364 -- People pulled over by the police who stop in the bike lane, or in this case, in the middle of a road with no shoulder.

It's little hard to make out, but in front of the TWO police cars there is an SUV stopped and getting a ticket or something.

And of course this is rushing home hour, so some zillions are inconvenienced by one person's thoughtlessness.

But is it not the way of the world?

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Deanne said...

Sultry Wednesday...what a perfect title! Jacob has been home sick since Wednesday. Started with a low grade fever but by last night it was up to 103. Motrin took care of it and now he's back to 99. His appetite is pretty good but he's been a bit quiet--so I know he's sick. I knew he was really sick when he didn't bat an eye when I told him that he was going to miss karate and soccer practice. We saw a guy on a recumbent bike last Saturday on the way to Jacob's soccer game and then the same guy at Starbucks. Jacob went to say, "Hi" and to tell him that he saw him earlier in the day. The buggar just looked at him and smiled. Well, at least he smiled at him and didn't completely ignore him. Oh well. Snacktime!

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