Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I got up late, around eight, but still I forced myself to out on at least a LITTLE jaunt, so I grease up the face and neck (yuck!) and headed on out on the Schwinn for a little jaunt around the neighborhood.

And so I jaunted.

Not to be confused with jaunting

The temperature was an odd jumble of cool then warm, but finally the cool gave up and it was just warm. According to the Weather Underground, the approx. temp. was around 70°F (21°C) when I headed, as I said, out. Now, upon having returned, it suggests the temp. is around 78°F (26.5°C). Seems a lot warmer than that! The humidity is 60% right now, maybe that has something to do with it!

Not a lot of stuff going on out there on a Sunday morning. Not too many cars, the usual backpacker walking in the bike lane, soccer players at the middle school athletic fields (playgrounds, back in the day.), that was about it.

Nearly home, I was waiting for some cars to make their turn, as I had a red. A pedestrian, an older woman, declined to push the button and cross on the red, directly where said automobiles WOULD have gone, if they hadn't made a u-turn instead.

Not that she would have noticed, as she didn't even look up. I helpfully pointed to the cars, but she didn't seem to understand that she was toying with death.

Now, when I said older, I meant someone about my age.

Yesterday I was driving, chauffeuring She Who Must Be Obeyed to the fish store. Upon returning, at the SAME LIGHT, but a different direction, a pedestrian, an older woman, declined to push the button and crossed on the red, right in front of ME, who had the green.

NOW, when I said older, I meant someone about twenty years older than I.

She stepped off the curb just as the light turned green for me, not even looking up. If SWMBO hadn't cautioned me, I might have taken off and bounced the biddy off the side of the vehicle. Fortunately, I didn't, and all was well.

I DID give her the stare, but like Spenser's smile [citation needed], it had no effect.

Figuring that yesterday I did 10.2 miles (16.5 km), subtracting that from today's cumulative trip mileage of 23.48 miles (37.7 km), that would leave pretty darn close to 12.28 miles (19.76 km) for today's ride.

End o'the week odometer reading is 7,239 miles (11,650 km).

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