Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Truly I Say

First commute, and first bike ride, since Monday of last week.

My front blinkie won't blink! It just stays on! I just PUT new batteries in it! But upon testing, the batteries are low, and unevenly low, too! I thought they were a new pair! Alas and alack!

If you don't want to hear more whining about drivers, just skip this!

So, I'm sitting in the driveway at a shopping center, on Jamis (Six a.m.). Waiting to make sure it's clear, you know. The first pink spot shows where. So I hear a truck coming, it's the red line. It comes up on my RIGHT, into the IN lane! Then he notices the cars that want to turn left into said driveway, so he backs up and gets behind me.


So I turn left when it's clear, and he follows me. He passes around spot indicated by the green circle. Staying in the same lane, he sure doesn't give me much room. Crowded me, I'd say. I follow him into the left turn lanes, he on the inside behind someone, me on the outside first in line. That's about it, except I took a couple pics of him as I had the camera out (for something that didn't pan out (well, I'll tell YOU, it was to take a pic of a U.S.S. Midway t-shirt that has been sitting artistically on side of the road for a week, but is now gone. Of course.)) Since it was a commercial vehicle, an exterminator, I was going to complain, call the 800 number, and whine a lot here. But there are no pics on the memory card, so I guess I blew it!

Yah, yah, I know it's nothing, ESPECIALLY compared to what a lot of people deal with. In fact, I hereby acknowledge that my commute ride is a piece of cake. But I goota complain about SOMETHING!

TOTALLY forgot to replace the front brake pads, something I noticed going down a hill carrying the camera in the rear brake hand...

Coming home, a trio of lads played "Let's Pretend-Shove One Of Our Number Into The Bike Lane At That Cyclist", but I saw THAT one coming and didn't react.

Not an aluminium to be seen the whole commute! Come on you boozers, toss those cans!!

So, the next commute ride will be Friday, which is Bike To Work Day, I believe.

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