Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Totally Garbage Day

It was surprisingly sunny at six this morning, so I opted to leave the Big Battery at home and just use the LED blinkies. No one hit me, so I guess it was ok.

I've got about seven cans so far this week. A couple are quite sweet and fruity-smelling. Between them and the beery ones, I must leave quite a trail of smell as I pedal along.


I love Cheddar Cheese flavour Triscuit SO MUCH!

Moodle is very picky about importing a CSV file with inopportune commas, I learned today as I uploaded 1,200 records into Moodle database in lots of 20, until I figured out what the problem was. Yes, I am slow, but really, how about an error message the tells you which record it puked on, eh?

I tried to put a drawer lock in today. I THOUGHT I could do a more better, elegant even, job than than the professional locksmith did last year (on another drawer). I did not think my cunning plan all the way through, though, and my job will end up EXACTLY like his.


I noticed today that everyone driving on BOTH sides of a median-divided road pulled over for an sirening fire truck. I don't see anything in the California Driver Handbook about that. I didn't stop. I figured if they came over the median to my side of road, I could stop in about two feet since I was going up a hill in granny-granny.

Steve the L, (no "er"), the Big Swede, as he is know, among other things, is going to participate in the Alpine Challenge this year. Andy Hampsten is gonna be there. I can't afford the entry fee, myself (cheep, cheep, as the birdies say!), so maybe I'll sneak in!



Matthew Fedder said...

Well first off, my sources (i.e. me) say most authoritatively that if you are on the opposite side of a DIVIDED road you do not have to stop for an emergency vehicle.

Secondly, Triscuit? The closest I came to this cracker in my childhood was watching BIG on the VCR that we recored off the TV. ;)

Thirdly (and topologically non-linearly sortable regarding the order in which you addressed topics): The ideal way would to be like how you guess someone's secret number. You know how you guess a number and they say higher or lower? Well moodle is saying "higher" or "lower" with each failed/successful upload. So initially the upper boundary is 1200 and the lower boundary is zero. First you guess that halfway between - 600 records - are good and it says "higher" or "lower". If Moodle says "higher" (successful upload) you then change the lower boundary is the number you just guessed; otherwise you change the higher boundary to the number you guessed. You just repeat that process: Guess halfway between the lower boundary and the upper boundary, and adjust the boundaries based on that guess. It'll still take 12 guesses, but that's less than the 60 guesses it takes if you add 20 at a time.

You have to post a picture of the dubious drawer lock :)

Deanne said...

I agree with Matthew. Need to see that picture of the dubious drawer lock.

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