Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You Say Clamato, I say...

Picked up FOUR cans on the way home today.


I never heard of Budweiser & Clamato Chelada, but what is left of my stomach doesn't feel comfortable. Doing a search on it brings up Ron's Log : Life in the Desert. He points the way to the Clamato website, and points out that the site is available in English, Espanol, and "Canada". Hmmmm..... But it doesn't mention Chelada. And in 50 sec0nds 0f searching, I can't find an 0fficial site, s0 I will leave t0 YOU. If you care.

It's so foggy in the morning ride that it's very like during the BIG FIRES, except more so. It's not a ground fog, so much, but it's dark and the sky is quite covered. Cowles Mt. is INVISIBLE!

Of course half the car people don't turn on their headlights, which makes them effectively invisible in the twilight, especially in a mirror. Of course I am virtuously using the BIG HEADLIGHT and the SCREAMING YELLOW STROBE. I even almost kabonged™ a bicyclist who didn't have a headlight! Last week, before the time change, I was FORCED to make a sarcastic comment to a wrong-way runner-in-the-bike-lane about lighting.

I oiled the chain on the Jamis yesterday, and sanded (deglazed?) the front brake shoes this evening.

I measured the diameter of the front wheel on the Jamis today at work so I could check the calibration of the odometer. Of course, I forgot to write it down and bring it home, what with two zillion patrons, Horizon puking the Circ Priviledges w/blink, the eMAC freaking out, and the WAY TOO MUCH coffee I drank.

Deep breath, deep breath....

Ok, so that will wait for another day.

Tomorrow I get to go to the doc and see if I'm still dying or not.

So that means I'm going to be a cager for a day!

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