Monday, November 12, 2007

Day Of The Vet

What started out as a Dam crappy ride, melded into a fairly pleasant experience.

First, two oncoming cars ON MY STREET decided they should pass a stopped garbage truck. I, of course, made aggressive moves at them to show I was not impressed.

Second, I was P.O.ed because I was heading east and not west. Don't ask me to explain it.

Third, a Sharp Rees-SteAly bus decided to turn right, after sitting at the stop light for a minute, the both of us, mind you, as soon as it turned green, thus cutting me off. It occurs to me now, on reflection, that maybe he didn't see me sitting there on the curb. Well, I hope he saw my finger in his mirror!

It had been cool up to that point, so a mile later I took off the yellow jacket to reveal the (unwarshed from yesterday) pink jersey. I continued down into El Cajon, collecting cans along the way.

2007Nov12Bike Ride 004

The rattling cans make a nice warning noise to people on the bike path, by the way!

Not unlike a snake.

The entire rest of the ride was pleasant. Not too many people on the FST, not too many people at the lake, not too warm. Pleasant.

The view from the Mission Trails Regional Park Visitors Centers struck me as awesome, so I took TWO pics!

2007Nov12Bike Ride 002

2007Nov12Bike Ride 001

And the flags, for this Veteran's Day.

2007Nov12Bike Ride 003

The sky, so blue! And to think it was raining a bit this morning!

A dog, in an SUV, of course, barkeded at me as it passed. I noticed a lady at a bus stop staring at the dog, so I remarked, "That dog sure looked hungry!" She chuckled.

Did I mention I did the Jackson Drive hill in the Jamis 42/26 combination, standing up when necessary. W00t!!

Today's Stats:

Trip Mileage: 23.79
Riding Time: 1:56:44
Avg. Speed: 12.23
Max. Speed: 34.47

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